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May 2, 2014 10:00am PDT
malaysia airlines plane had been told to go home. we don't have to pony at the new center column sure that didn't go over very well. that's right the families were visibly distraught after being informed on thursday by malaysia airlines to support center for relatives in beijing would be close the company explained that the move was meant to encourage relatives to receive updates from the comfort of their homes more than one hundred of the two nd and thirty nine passengers on four point three seven zero were from china. meanwhile the search operation continues in building sailing ships in high tech underwater and women. but so far it's failed to turn up any trace of the boeing triples the event which disappeared on march a investigators say they believe the plane's wreckage lies at the bottom of the southern indian ocean australia's tertiary angus houston said on friday that the probability of finding missing children or has drawn but he remains hopeful that the underwater blue intro they find something by the end of this month. moving on to china with the nation is reeling from yet a
Apr 28, 2014 10:00am PDT
on the last leg of its four nation trip that included stops in japan korea and malaysia. obama said he hopes to alleviate concerns from allies about whether the us will come to their defense and in china's growing assertiveness offer regional territorial claims and shifting our focus of united states were a massive storm system has ripped across the midwest. at least seventeen people have reportedly been killed by the tornadoes with a majority of those victims living in little rock arkansas. local residents say the winds were so strong that houses were pulled off their foundations the loss of some of the biggest worries just turned upside down and literally the house is picked up in some quarters it was the over their summer than the grudges or just literally at the carson to grudgingly or its. officials say the tornadoes have damaged buildings as far as nebraska kansas iowa and missouri rescue workers have been working through the night to search for survivors. a state of emergency has also been declared in for arkansas counties along the national guard to assist in relief operatio
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2